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Agriculture, food and beverage production as well as food processing technology are among the strongest growing industries. Germany is no exception to this - no wonder since it is the largest single consumer market in Europe with 82 million consumers, a total food and beverage production value of € 126 billion, approximately 6,000 companies and over half a million employees. The proximity to the major European markets as well as its sophisticated distribution channels make Germany the first choice for the food processing industry. Business opportunities exist in basically all areas with the confectionery market as a good example.

The German confectionery market is the thrid largest subsegment of the food industry with its more than 280 companies, generating annual sales in access of € 12 billion - with an annual grwoth rate of 4.5% in 2003. This growth can partly be attributed to the grwoth in domestic consumption of confectionary products which grew to 25 kg per capita - double the value of the year 1970.

Fertile ground for the food industry

Lübeck's claim to fame is usually associated with its legendary marzipan, which has without doubt helped to make the city famous worldwide. But there are plenty more advantages to Lübeck as a location, which, from the viewpoint of the food industry, only add to the appeal of this Hanseatic City as a location.


The food industry, with its 100 companies, is Lübeck's largest production cluster and third largest export cluster. Over the centuries, numerous food processing companies have located in the city. Parallel to this, an excellent interconnected infrastructure for the food industry consisting of lots of service suppliers and a strong supplier industry has been built up. The food processing industry, farming & fishing, the packaging industry & plant engineering for the food industry, logistics, media & IT (for brand names, company communication and trade) along with labs and research institutes have created the high-tech network that forms the broad industrial base for the food industry in Lübeck.


Famous brands are more than just names in and around Lübeck, they are at home here. The food processing companies H. & J. Brüggen (one of the largest German suppliers of oat meals), Campbell's Germany, Hawesta Feinkost (the leading German supplier of canned fish), world-renowed marzipan manufacturer J. G. Niederegger, Schwartauer Werke (part of Hero) and Stadtbäckerei Junge are just some examples. Or renowned service providers and suppliers such as the world-market leader for fish processing machinery Nordischer Maschinenbau Rudolf Baader, the food stabilization experts G. C. Hahn and the machine plant manufacturer GerstenbergSchröder.


And the central purchasing departments of important retails chains such as Edeka Nord, co op Schleswig- Holstein, famila Nordost, Citti and Spar can be reached within 60 minutes.


Lübeck is home to big names and famous brands in the food industry - in some cases they have been here for hundreds of years - that actively shape the location and its worldwide fame as "food store of the North" on a daily basis.


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Food Industry Brochure

Case Story H. & J. Brüggen
Case Story Junge
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International food companies from Lübeck using the foodRegio© for product development, manufacturing and distribution:

Campbell's Soup Germany 
Fraunhofer Einrichtung Marine Biotechnologie
G.C. Hahn (Tate & Lyle)
Gabler Thermoform
Gerstenberg Schröder (SPX)
Hawesta Feinkost
H. & J. Brüggen
J.G. Niederegger
Joh. Wilh. von Eicken
Jürgen Löhrke
Neue Mayo Feinkost
Roder Kunststofftechnik
Stadtbäckerei Junge