Lübeck: business development corp

Lübeck: Rx for Healthy Companies

Medical science has extended the average life expectancy for most people far beyond that of previous generations. Health professionals now provide comprehensive care for the ‘whole' person, throughout each individual's life. With advances in medical science, we've also witnessed a convergence of medical and information technologies to produce a range of new and exciting business opportunities. Northern Germany holds a key position in this new industry. Germany alone is the world's third largest medical device market, with total estimated sales of 45 billion Euro. A substantial portion of the European demand for medical products is met by imports. In recent years, Northern Germany has emerged as the focal point for medical technology in Central and Eastern Europe. There are more than 50 medical technology companies in Luebeck alone: the top 50 producing sales in excess of 500 million Euro and employing 3,500 skilled professionals. The growth of medical technologies in this historic city exceeds the German average.

Globally Recognized Names

One of the oldest and most prominent of Germany's medical technology companies is Dräger Medical, which has won global recognition for technological breakthroughs and high quality products developed in and exported from Luebeck. From this solid foundation a wide range of other technology companies and service providers has emerged serving European and global markets. Although widely known for anesthesiology and orthopedics technologies, there are dozens of  Luebeck companies working in: electro-medicine, medical/surgical instruments, dental products, x-ray and radiation equipment, laboratory diagnosis, medical information science and technical/professional consulting services. Swedish companies searching for a German base will be attracted by the city's concentration of research and medical technology.  Luebeck is the prescription for strong medical technology companies.

Quality over Quantity

The research carried out in Luebeck's academic institutions - University of Luebeck,  Medical Laser Center Luebeck,  Luebeck University of Applied Sciences and the Academy of Hearing Aid Acoustics (The only institution of its type in Germany) - is world class. The number of published articles in leading scientific journals authored by Luebeck's researchers is particularly noteworthy. In addition, numerous patents are issued each year to researchers breaking new ground in Luebeck. The public investment in Luebeck's research laboratories is paying substantial dividends for the community.