Lübeck: business development corp
Retail in Lübeck

An attractive retail location…

Lübeck is a very attractive location for retail from a wide range of different viewpoints: Lübeck attracts jobs. Contrary to the national trend, the number of employees in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck has continuously increased in recent years, with the local purchasing power, that had temporarily fallen somewhat, gaining steam once again. Lübeck also attracts investment. The growth in employment is supported by a wide range of investments from local Lübeck companies to the university and to research organizations. Whether it is in the food industry, the healthcare sector or in mechanical engineering, Lübeck businesses, many of which are medium sized family firms, are approaching the future well equipped in both the manufacturing and services sectors.

... with a central location

Along with the purchasing power of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck and its environment, as a centre of retail, Lübeck also draws on high levels of demand from tourism. Over 13 million one day guests and more than 2 million business travellers visit Lübeck per year – with many of them staying longer, as proven by the 1.3 million overnight stays. A large share of these guests come from the consumerstrong Scandinavian countries, but an increasing number also originate from Southern Europe. This is only one of the many reasons for Lübeck‘s high centrality rating of 143.5. The inflows of purchasing power from the surrounding area and from tourism exceed by far the outflows out of the urban area, making Lübeck one of the strongest retail locations in the metropolitan region of Hamburg.