Lübeck: business development corp

80 million customers spending 7 billion Euro ... annually

Nearly 10.000 companies provide further education in Germany, of which a great share concentrate in training programmes in the area of media as well as information technology. And there is a good reason for this: a market of 80 million customers. You might wonder about this number since it includes the total population, but it is especially the training provision for the very young as well as the "grey generation" which offers new, exciting and profitable business opportunities. And what might be of interest to newcomers: the annual spending for further education in Germany is estimated at 7 billion Euro annually.

Lübeck - the gateway to the German market for media training

The Hanseatic City of Lübeck has decided to become a forerunner in providing media training to this growing market. Apart from the University of Lübeck with its specialist full time study courses in media and IT, the University of Applied Sciences and the only College of Music in Northern Germany Lübeck has created an ideal environment for private companies offering training in the area of media and information technology: the Media Docks. The Media Docks is a decicated media centre offering full audio and video studio as well as training facilities on 13.000 square metres. Specialists will know what it means that

  • a digital audio complex featuring a 5.1 surround studio,
  • a MIDI lab,
  • Mac G5 ProTools stations,
  • a video production facility,
  • a combination FM broadcast/webstream studio and
  • a tie-lined performance hall

are readily available for training providers to use - without additional investment required.

Can 100 training providers be wrong?

100 private training providers already call Lübeck their home. They have joined their forces in marketing, quality assurance and infrastructure development in the largest business network of its kind in Northern Germany: the Lübeck association of training providers. And there are exciting newcomers to this network which have been attracted by the perfect infrastructure the Media Docks offers. Apart from supplying media training courses to a population of 6,5 million in a catchment area of 2 h driving time ... and the quality of life the City of Lübeck offers to its permanent as well as temporary residents. So if you are looking for new business opportunities in Germany - why not start in Lübeck?