Lübeck: business development corp

Good availability of industrial land

In comparison with other major economic centers in the North of Germany, Lübeck offers excellent availability and diversity of land for business and industry. And the portfolio is continually being developed and extended. Future industrial areas, too, will be advantageously positioned - some with direct autobahn access and in close proximity to the airport - so that Lübeck-based companies can continue to enjoy the outstanding infrastructural benefits of the location and so that the position of this Hanseatic City as hub of the Baltic region" can be further strengthened.


Companies can already locate themselves at eight different business and industrial parks, each with its own individual advantages. As part of Lübeck's ongoing commitment to manufacturing industry, there is ample provision of specially designated areas for industrial production facilities. Individual company requirements are taken into account when establishing the shape and layout of individual lots.

Real estate

We can help you find what you are looking for with municipal and private lots as well as halls, offices and retail premises available both through agencies and privately. Please get in contact with us.