Lübeck: business development corp

Thinking in international dimensions

Admittedly, Lübeck is not Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich. But the smaller size of the job market is more than outweighed by the quality and networking of the people working here. Within the  business clusters in Lübeck, companies strife for common goals. It is this willingness for cross-company cooperation which offers the people here in the north career chances which are at least comparable to those in larger cities.


Moving ahead in one‘s profession calls for international challenges ... and requires a home base where one can always return back to. Lübeck is such a home base, perfectly suited to start and develop international careers. Typical of the companies located here is not only a high level of export orientation, but also the determination to stay close to the customer. This closeness to customers causes Lübeck companies to maintain sales and service subsidiaries all over the world, resulting in excellent opportunities to further your personal and professional development.


The map on this page well illustrates the scope of international production and sales subsidiaries of Lübeck based companies. At the same time, Lübeck is home of the German subsidiary of renown international corporations. This fact also makes Lübeck the starting point of an international career. Summing it up, Lübeck represents an international playground and a promising starting point for people thinking of an internationally oriented professional career. Here, in this Hanseatic City, they meet exactly the spirit global trade is made of—and best conditions for a successful professional future.


As you can see, the chances for starting a successful career in Lübeck could not be any better.