Lübeck: business development corp

Focusing on Life itself

Lübeck is just the right place for any style of life. It is not only located in a region many people appreciate as a holiday destination. In Lübeck, one also experiences the character of a city between tradition and modern life, between shopping mall and countless small shops with a long tradition, between quaintl pubs in the old town and stylish restaurants and between theater, concert and the arts.


The Hanseatic City allows a style of life matching your individual expectations. Whether you are looking for an cosy apartment in the old town, a quiet house within green surroundings or a penthouse with a view over one of the lakes-Lübeck can fulfill just about any wish. Maybe you would like to start your search at www.s-immo.de.


But no matter where you live, in Lübeck you will spend more time outdoors than you probable imagine. In summertime you are welcome to the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival or the Travemünde Week. In the fall you may want to see the Nordic Film Days. In the winter, the Lübeck Christmas Market will attract you. Throughout all the year, you can enjoy the finest of cultural events.