Lübeck: business development corp

Moving ahead with the wind

Meeting our future energy requirements is a critical problem, and Lübeck’s industries are ready to deliver solutions. Their capacity covers the whole spectrum from turbine development to maintenance, providing a solid foundation for implementing, repowering and operating wind power projects, both onshore and offshore. With its good supply of industrial space, short distances and energy-efficient production processes, Lübeck is leading the way to a CO2-free future. 

From development … 

Lübeck is a city of academic study and research, with four higher education institutions and a university of applied sciences. It is thus well prepared to meet the increasing demand for people qualified to test and certify offshore and onshore wind farms. Moreover, as the need grows for applied wind research, it will be an ideal location for research centres. Specialists in wind park operation can be found in Lübeck with little trouble. This makes the city a perfect location for training offshore service personnel.

 … to production

Lübeck possesses all the industrial space needed to support a booming wind power industry, including facilities for assembly, transhipment and installation of offshore wind power stations and for production of large components, towers and castings. Large 

turbine components require considerable space for production, storage and shipping. Lübeck can meet this demand. It also has short distances for efficient logistics and a port infrastructure that is able to handle heavy loads. 

… to maintenance 

To install and manage offshore and onshore wind parks successfully, it is necessary to have optimal logistics and trouble-free operation. A perfectly coordinated system of service and maintenance is essential. Lübeck not only offers sufficient quay space and storage space for parts and production equipment, it also has an ideal infrastructure for the transfer of equipment between wind parks and ports.